Communication- and research unit for musculoskeletal disorders, Division for neuroscience and musculoskeletal medicine (FORMI)
FORMI is a Communication and Research Unit at the Division of Neuroscience, Oslo University Hospital - Ullevål. FORMI is an extention of the former Norwegian BackPain Network (1999-2005).

FORMI has an overall vision to ensure a high level of quality in care for patients with musculoskeletal disorders. High priorities for FORMI are that patients should meet well informed, communicating and competent health care providers at all levels.

Within the musculoskeletal disorders, FORMI’s main focus is on:

• Research, supervision and consultancy services
• Develope, update and distribute clinical guidelines for neck and low back pain
• Implement clinical guidelines in health care and society
• Arrange seminars and conferences for clinicians and researchers
• Contribute to interaction and communication between primary and secondary health care systems
• Distribute scientific evidence on diagnosing, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal
  disorders to patients and the general population

As of today (2014), FORMI constitutes of 20 employees in part- or full- time positions.

Contact information:

Postal Adress:
Oslo University Hospital, Ullevaal
Building 37 B
Post box 4956 Nydalen
NO-0424 Oslo

Telephone: (+47) 22 11 77 51
Fax: (+47) 23 01 61 50